Therapeutic approach

The AYX therapeutic approach

The AYX platform utilizes a proprietary technology of non-opioid, disease-modifying transcription factor decoys. AYX decoys are short DNA molecules, or oligonucleotides, that selectively inhibit transcription factors controlling the genes involved in the maintenance of pain. As a result, a single administration of an AYX decoy produces a robust, long-term reduction of pain and associated clinical benefits.

Brivoligide (AYX1) for the prevention of post-surgical pain

A potent and selective inhibitor of the transcription factor EGR1, brivoligide addresses a specific physiology of pain associated with poor post-surgical outcomes in patients identified using the Pain Catastrophizing Scale. Clinical studies suggest that a single preoperative administration of brivoligide safely reduces pain for weeks, accelerates the time to achieve mild pain, and substantially reduces the need for opioid use during recovery.

AYX2 for the long-term suppression of chronic pain

AYX2 is a potent inhibitor of Kruppel-like Factors (KLF) 6, 9 and 15, transcription factors that maintain neuronal and glial activities involved in pain. AYX2 produces a robust and long-lasting suppression of inflammatory and neuropathic chronic pain.  By addressing the genomic roots of chronic pain, AYX2 may suppress it without the side-effects and abuse potential of standard-of-care.  AYX2 is in pre-clinical development.