Chronic Pain

Unmet Need

Chronic Pain, or pain that limits daily function and persists for three months or longer, has a significant negative impact on the patient and healthcare system – more than 5 million Americans seek treatment for chronic pain every year. In spite of the prevalence and societal cost of chronic pain, there are limited treatment options available to patients or physicians.

Current treatments for multiple etiologies of chronic pain primarily ameliorate the symptoms of pain but do not address the molecular root causes of the disorder.

Therapeutic Approach

Chronic pain is the result of undesired changes to the normal function of neuronal mechanisms. These changes are sustained over time by the presence of transcription factors, with various etiologies of chronic pain maintained by multiple transcription factors. The ongoing presence of these multiple transcription factors serve to both sustain and define the chronic pain state.

AYX2 is specifically designed to target multiple transcription factors that sustain chronic pain due to inflammatory and/or neuropathic insult. By switching off the neuronal mechanisms that maintain pain, AYX2 can produce a robust and long-lasting suppression of multiple chronic pain etiologies.

Product Profile

A single AYX2 administration is designed to produce a robust and long-lasting suppression of chronic pain in response to inflammatory or neuropathic insult. By addressing chronic pain at its molecular roots, AYX2 can suppress the maintenance of chronic pain without the side-effects and abuse potential present with current, symptom-ameliorating standard-of-care.