Latest News 10/04/2017

Adynxx Completes Enrollment in ADYX-004, a Phase 2 Study of Brivoligide (AYX1), Lead Compound for the Treatment of Post-Surgical Pain

ADYX-004 Study to Evaluate

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Company Profile 04/09/2014

Adynxx (A – dȳ – nix), located in San Francisco, California, is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing a transformative technology platform addressing pain at its molecular roots.

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Therapeutic Approach 04/09/2014

Adynxx’s unique approach is to transform pain management using transcription factor decoy technology to address pain as a disease rather than a symptom.

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Brivoligide (AYX1) 05/20/2014

Brivoligide, Adynxx’s lead product candidate, is an investigational drug intended to reduce acute post-surgical pain and prevent the transition to persistent or chronic pain with a single administration at the time of surgery.

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AYX2 05/20/2014

AYX2 is Adynxx's pre-clinical compound intended to provide long-lasting suppression of pre-existing chronic pain. AYX2 is specifically designed to target the transcription factors that sustain chronic pain following inflammatory and/or neuropathic insult.

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